“Even the passengers.” How to take a baby on Board

“Even the passengers.” How to take a baby on Board

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti, Irina Halecky. In early July, on Board the plane that was flying EN route Osh, Kyrgyzstan — Yekaterinburg, was born a boy. Flight attendants had to become a team of midwives and make the delivery. The family has named her first-born Wavecom — in honor of the airline “Ural airlines”.

Although childbirth in the air are considered to be regular situation, they worked only in theory. Such incidents are extremely rare. The RIA Novosti correspondent contacted the crew and learned the details.

Don’t even have time for lunch

Tatiana Yurieva from Yekaterinburg got a job as a flight attendant just three months ago. Previously, he worked as a doctor, so could take delivery. Once, she recalls, she even had to do it right in the ambulance. However aboard the plane it was a bit different.

“Every flight attendant is the initial training where there are courses in first aid. There are taught how to deliver a baby, namely what is in the kit and how to use it. But it’s only in theory, in practice this rarely encounter,” says Tatiana.

The entire crew, including the pilots, it was the debut, although my colleagues fly for many years.Tatiana Areabottomedge

Usually pregnant for long periods is not recommended to fly. To get on the flight, the expectant mother should go to the gynecologist for written permission to take a card exchange. It is a prerequisite for any airline. Pregnant Svetlana Efimova (name changed), as expected, passed inspection showed all the information, but then put them in the Luggage. To leave she is not ready, baby was expecting in August, says the flight attendant.

“The plane gained height, there were about seven thousand meters, when Efimova complained of pain. She was approached by a senior flight attendant Tatyana bulayeva. It turned out that Svetlana already water broke. We understand that the woman gives birth. Although she didn’t even feel contractions, nothing. I, as the most experienced, volunteered to take the baby. The entire crew helped, but what to say, even the passengers wanted to help!” — laughing Tatiana.

According to her, the flight attendants quickly got special screens and sterile diaper, so none of the other passengers weren’t uncomfortable. However, given the fact that during take-off is impossible to leave the chair, and the Board was full, I had to experiment. Lucky that business class was almost empty. While the liner is unfolded back to Osh, the crew members freed the series and made it give birth to Svetlana.

“And if business class was occupied, settled in the room flight attendants. Or something came up,” she explains. Because the medical records remained in the compartment about the pregnancy asked directly during childbirth.

“We don’t have time, all in a hurry. But the team we got coordinated. Did the right thing. That child is seven months premature and childbirth, I learned only when I saw the baby — it is quite small, more than two kilograms. That is to say, determined by eye, and the mother confirmed that was only 29 weeks”, — says Tatiana.

Since, as a pregnant Svetlana complained to the crew on the pain, and before the child was in the hands of flight attendants, it took less than ten minutes.

“Childbirth has passed quickly. And boy is so active! In 15 minutes you move the handles, he opened his eyes, and behaved quite cheerfully, did not even know the circumstances under which he was born,” jokes the hostess.