The Ministry has no plans to soften the parameters of the pension reform

The Ministry has no plans to soften the parameters of the pension reform

Deputy Minister of labor and social protection Alexei Pudov said that the changing of parameters raising the age of retirement will have a negative impact on the growth of payments. “Changing approaches to age means only one thing, then changes and the amount of increase of the pension amount,” said Mr Pounds (quoted by TASS).

Mr. Pounds added that his Ministry is not considering easing the norms prescribed in the draft pension reform, submitted to the Duma.

Those settings increase the amount of the pension in excess of inflation actually doubled in 2019 with 14.4 to 15.4 thousand RUB thousand RUB formed on the basis of approaches that are now in the bill. The gradual change in the retirement age for women until 2034 to 63 years for men to 65 years. Accordingly, we did not put in the settings for increasing the pension amount of other approaches change the age.Alex Padovanatale Minister of labour and social protection

Plans to reduce the age of retirement for women at two to three years, reported “Interfax” citing a source in the Parliament. According to the source, a final decision yet, and much will depend on the discussion document on the expert level.

Earlier, the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin said that the implementation of the pension liabilities may be impossible without raising the retirement age, as in Russia, reduced the number of working people making contributions to the Pension Fund.