The Briton figured out how to find a job quickly

The Briton figured out how to find a job quickly

And it’s easier than it seems.

21-year-old Londoner Kamran Hussain faced a big problem when he decided to find a job. Despite five years of experience in retail, training as a specialist in Finance law and a diploma from Kent state University with a degree in accounting, nobody wanted to offer him even an Intern. In fact, his resume is not even considered after he admitted that he had not very well studied, and the certificate he had a few triples.

However, to give up Hussein was not going to. It printed 35 copies of their resume and at five o’clock in the morning we went on one of the Central train stations of London.

He stood there with a sign: “an Aspiring accountant. Looking for an entry-level job. There is a summary”. And it worked.

Hats off to Kamran Hussain is a recent graduate with an Accounting & Finance degree. Looking for a job he’s currently standing outside Cannon Street Station with his CV. If you can help get in touch via [email protected] or

— Mike Petrook (@mikepetrook01) July 3, 2018

Four hours of Kamran gave away almost all the copies of your CV. Already the next day the guy was invited for an interview, and the day he began his duties. According to the employer, impressed with their innovative approach to the job search and the dedication of Kamran.

According to the young man, then he received about 20 calls from prospective employers with a job interview.