Huge 600-pound crocodile caught after eight years of hunting

Huge 600-pound crocodile caught after eight years of hunting

In Australia, after eight years of trying, caught a huge saltwater crocodile. This was reported by Australian newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

The giant predator weighs about 600 kg and reaches up to 4.7 meters in length. Locals first noticed it in 2010 in the river Katherine. According to estimates veterinarians, crocodile approximately 60 years.

Yesterday afternoon the rangers caught a 4.7 m male saltwater crocodile in a trap on private property 60km downstream from…

Published by Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Monday, July 9, 2018During the download an error has occurred.

“We have tried all ways over the years, it was very difficult to grasp. We are delighted, given the size of reptiles and the age. For that, we even respect him,” said the head of the operation to capture the crocodile John Burke (John Burke).

The animal was placed at a crocodile farm to protect from people. “This is the biggest crocodile of all that we got out of the river Catherine,” — said the head of the Department of wildlife in the Ministry of culture and tourism of the Northern territory of Australia, Tracy Duldig (Tracey Duldig).

On average in Australia saltwater crocodiles kill about two people a year. Since 1970, their population is growing, as they were declared an endangered species, and environmentalists have banned their extermination. However, due to numerous incidents with people have been many calls to reduce their number.