The developers call in Guests

The developers call in Guests

In Russia approved the standard for mobile applications.

The state approved a preliminary standard for mobile applications in Russia, which contains 87 requirements for their functionality, including the ability free trial for paid software. Requirements will be Advisory in nature, but, in the opinion of their authors, should become a “landmark in the development of products”. The developers believe the proposed standard wording controversial.

Rosstandart approved the provisional national standard for mobile applications, told “Kommersant” representative of the ANO “Russian quality system” (Rascacielo). Document (final version have a “b”) contains 87 quality requirements for mobile applications, including performance, functionality, ease of use and security.

Earlier in Russia was not state standards in the field of mobile applications, and developers focused on the guidelines of the corporations, including Google and Apple.Ilya Laiskotellen head of Roskoshestvo

The Unicode standard notes that a mobile app should require “the absolute minimum permissions” to work, to explain why they are needed. The app also must be “unambiguously interpreted privacy policy” to inform users what personal information it accesses, what data is collected and transmitted, how they are used and stored, how to ensure their safety and who can access them.

The user should be able to opt out of data collection and to control their sarcopenia developer. All data must be stored in Russia, specified in the standard.