Scientists have created a cure that removes aged cells from the body

Scientists have created a cure that removes aged cells from the body

MOSCOW, 10 Jul — RIA Novosti. Molecular biologists from the United States has created a drug that selectively destroys the aged cells in the body of animals or humans and prolong its life by about a third. A “recipe” to manufacture it and the first results of the application were presented in the journal Nature Medicine.

“This is a tremendous discovery. This study clearly indicates that medication-sinaitici can fight the effects of aging, at least in mice. Now we need to conduct additional experiments in order to understand how safe these chemicals to humans,” said Felipe Sierra (Felipe Sierra), a biologist from the National Institute of aging USA in Bethesda.

Embryo cells and embryonic stem cells are actually immortal, in terms of biology — they can live almost indefinitely in an adequate environment, and share an unlimited number of times. In contrast, cells of the human body gradually lose their ability to divide after 40-50 cycles of division, entering into the phase of aging.

Why do cells do it? Today scientists believe, in this way the cells protect themselves and the organism as a whole from the development of cancer, stopping the division at a time when the likelihood of developing mutations in their genome reaches some critical level.