Scientists: infant memories can be restored

Scientists: infant memories can be restored

Memories from early childhood, you can recover found American researchers from the University of Toronto. The results were published in the journal Current Biology.

People rarely remember what happened to them before 3-4 years. However, experiments on mice have shown that these memories are not always lost forever.

The researchers trained young mice to associate a box with a weak discharge current, which they had received in the leg. After 15 days mice were forgotten about term to shock.

Then the researchers took another group of mice revealed certain neurons in the hippocampus react to the shock. After they forgot about the risk, researchers using techniques of optogenetics stimulated discovered in the beginning of the experiment the neurons. It turned out that 70% of the mice were able to remember that the box carries a risk.

While it is impossible to say exactly whether the people forget their childhood in the same way as the mouse. However, the results of the study show that memories can be restored.