Article on “reposted” decided to decriminalize only partially

Article on “reposted” decided to decriminalize only partially

It is proposed to introduce administrative liability for “repost” extremist materials, but only on the first offense.

Moscow. July 9. INTERFAX.RU — Article on the responsibility for “repost” and “like” messages in social networks, containing signs of extremism, the improvement can be partially decriminalized: for the first violation is supposed to introduce administrative liability for the re — write of criminal reported “Interfax” a source familiar with the preparation of the document that is currently being debated in the expert community.

“Most likely, the bill in the finalization, will be introduced the concept of administrative prejudice, when for the first offense provides for administrative liability for subsequent criminal,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Thus, the “unintentional, accidental actions of Internet users do not fall under the criminal article” — said the Agency interlocutor.

One of the authors of the bill Deputy from the Communist party faction Sergei Shargunov said he supported such an approach.

“Let it be this first warning. In fact, such a proposal, if it comes from the government, confirms the correctness brought us the bill. Even in this form, it would have been nice, of course,” said Shargunov on Monday, “Interfax”.

He noted that “often people without any malice just put a song in “Vkontakte” and suddenly fall into these “burrs,” so the task of the authors of the bill is that, at least not to do is suspected of extremism from criminals”.

The bill is currently in the first reading. As said the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, the Committee will not consider before the end of the spring session the bill on the decriminalization of “repost” posts in social networks containing signs of extremism.