Became known the details of the poisoning of people in Amesbury

Became known the details of the poisoning of people in Amesbury

MOSCOW, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. Craig Pattenden, each of the victims in the British town of Amesbury, told RIA Novosti the details of what happened.

“The last time I saw the victims on Friday night in the bus, which was heading from Salisbury to Amesbury. I’m one of the last people who saw them before the incident. They looked good. Charlie seemed a little drunk, but he was constantly under the influence of something. He had often used heroin and cocaine. All the symptoms of poisoning appeared already on Saturday,” said Pattenden.

According to a friend of the victims, first poisoned 44-year-old Sturgess.

She was convulsing, his mouth was foaming. Charlie tried to revive her, gave her CPR, and eventually contracted himself. Both were frothing at the mouth, the eyes narrowed so that they were almost not visible. They were saying incoherent things. This told me my friend Sam who saw them that day.Craig Pattenden each of the victims in the British town of Amesbury

According to Pattenden the poison had no relation to drugs. He believes that the source of infection could be a cigarette butt that don picked up.

“They definitely poisoned nervously-paralytic substance. I think the source of infection was that the don picked up on the street, or the cigarette butt, or some kind of container,” said a friend of the couple.

The incident in Amesbury

On the morning of 4 July, the British police declared a “major incident” in Amesbury. Affected local residents: 44-year-old woman and 45-year-old man.

Sunday night Scotland Yard said that don Sturgess died in a district hospital Salisbury. Charlie Rowley remains in critical condition.

Scotland Yard claim that the victims poisoned with the same substance that worked for the British security services of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. London accuses of poisoning Skrobala Russia, Moscow categorically denies it.