Syrian air defenses shot down an Israeli plane

Syrian air defenses shot down an Israeli plane

DAMASCUS, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti. The Syrian air defense system shot down the plane by the Israeli air force during the attack on the airbase Tifor (T-4) in the province of HOMS, according to Syrian national news Agency SANA. Previously, the Agency reported Israeli attack on the base T-4, in which the PVO SAR was hit by several missiles in the reflection of the blow.

“The defense system had repelled the aggression of Israel, shooting down a number of missiles and shot one of the attacking planes, forcing the rest to leave the airspace”, — stated in the message.

Previously, Israel has repeatedly struck at targets in Syria, explaining their actions by the desire not to allow sophisticated weapons into the hands of hostile elements. First of all we are talking about Lebanese Hezbollah, which is fighting in the region on the side of Bashar al-Assad.

In April, Israeli aircraft attacked Syrian base “Tifor” According to the Ministry of defense of Russia, two F-15 fighter aircraft launched eight missiles, three of which were on target, five were shot down. Russian advisers in the attack were not injured. The official Syrian news Agency SANA has reported that the bombing killed and injured several people.

In response to the attack at T-4 in early may the positions of Israel on the Golan heights fired several dozen rockets. And on may 10, Israeli aircraft attacked dozens of targets in Syria and battery defense. Military explained that the way they reacted to night rocket attack from Iran on the Golan.