The nurse saved a bee with sugar water (video)

The nurse saved a bee with sugar water (video)

True humanity is manifested in actions.

For more than a month residents of the UK are suffering from an unprecedented heat wave. But if people can take care of myself, animals, birds and insects have been so much worse.

39-year-old nurse Donna Chester-O’neill from Lincolnshire, came home from work, I noticed on the threshold of the clinic, barely alive the bee, which has barely crawled under the scorching sun. Donna decided not to leave it unattended, and remembered that bees save water mixed with sugar.

A few minutes later the woman returned with a salubrious drink in a syringe, and kneeling, offered to the bee to drink. And that is not refused. After a couple of minutes, when Donna wanted to move tiny “patient” in the shadow, she gathered strength and flew away.

Published by Pilgrim Veterinary Surgery Thursday 5 July 2018At boot time the error occurred.