In Thailand locked in the cave, the children wrote a letter to parents and teachers

In Thailand locked in the cave, the children wrote a letter to parents and teachers

BANGKOK, Aug 7 — RIA Novosti. Twelve students, players, local Junior football team, and their 25-year-old coach, trapped by flooding in a ten-kilometer cave Tham Luang in Northern Thailand from June 23, transferred to the surface of the letter to the family.


A team of combat swimmers of the Navy of Thailand, working in the cave, published in his Twitter account a photo of a letter written six notebook sheets, torn from different notebooks, which children are conveyed to the surface with one of the soldiers of the team that delivered them on Friday evening, letters to relatives. Parents and relatives of young players who are 11 to 16 years, living for two weeks in tent camp at the entrance to the cave.

“We are fine, all healthy, don’t worry. When we’re out, I want to eat different delicious food. When we get out, I want to go home. Dear teachers, please do not ask we still got a lot of homework,” wrote the guys on the first page.

Each of them with their handwriting wrote a few lines about your condition.

Your page wrote a letter to the coach of the team, which is part of the Thai public accuses that he is irresponsible, organizing a March of schoolchildren to the cave before the start of the heavy seasonal rains typically cause flooding, and the other part considers a hero, thanks to which the children were able to survive in a dark underwater cave without food for nine days.

“Thank you for the moral support us. I ask all parents to forgive me. Forgive your children for what they went into the cave without saying anything to you,” wrote the coach.

Young players together with the coach went on bikes to the cave Tham Luang mountain national Park of DOI Nang Non, in the province of Chiang Rai in the far North of Thailand right after the afternoon training on the located near the national Park of the stadium on Saturday 23 June. Previously, they have repeatedly down to the cave in the dry season when there is almost no water, work in extreme mode and in order to strengthen team spirit.

The players repeatedly passed the cave of seven miles and came back. However, a heavy downpour started a few hours after the children went into the cave, caused a flash flood in an underground labyrinth, cutting off the group from the output. Floods happen annually in the cave. At the entrance stands a sign forbidding tourists to enter the cave in the rainy season, from July to November.

The search operation in the cave began on the night of 23 to 24 June, when the entrance was discovered eleven bikes and bike coach of the Junior team left in the trunk backpacks with football boots and other football equipment. None of the teenagers on Saturday not told my parents that going into the cave.