Elon Musk sent four engineers to save children from a cave in Thailand

Elon Musk sent four engineers to save children from a cave in Thailand

MOSCOW, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti. American entrepreneur Elon Musk, who heads high-tech companies, SpaceX and Tesla, has sent its Thai engineer to the place of salvation locked in a cave in Thailand, teenagers, three foreign engineers will arrive on Sunday morning, according to the Nation newspaper with reference to the representative of the foreign Ministry of Thailand.


Earlier, representatives of the Mask suggested that the Thai authorities help in the rescue locked in the cave teenagers. As the representative of the entrepreneur in a rescue operation may be used navigation equipment company Space Exploration Technologies, technologies for pumping water Boring Co. or powerful Tesla Powerwalls.

“An American entrepreneur and expert on technology Elon Musk sent his Thai engineer to explore ways of saving 12 children players and their coaches from the flooded cave”, — the newspaper quotes the statement of the Director General of the information Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Thailand.

The representative added that later to the Thai engineer will join three “engineer alien” companies Mask of Tesla, SpaceX and Boring.

Engineers will arrive in the country on Saturday evening, and Sunday morning will leave for the spot rescue to “explore the possibility of the tunnel dug for the evacuation of disabled children.”

Twelve teenagers from the local Junior football team and their coach disappeared on June 23. They went into semikilometrovaya the cave Tham Luang and were cut off from access because of flash floods. The search continued for 10 days. Children and their coach were found in the cave alive, but weakened from hunger. Now rescuers have to bring them to the surface.

In one of the next days will start the evacuation of the children to the surface. Rescuers are inclined to the withdrawal of teenagers from the submerged caves in the diving equipment. The main obstacle for the evacuation remain narrow flooded areas on a five-kilometer path out of the cave, which children who cannot swim, will have to overcome in diving gear. Pumping water from the cave is 24 hours a day, but make the escape plan is completely safe for adolescents is not yet possible. Frogmen Thai Navy delivered to the far chamber of the cave oxygen cylinders to maintain the required percentage of oxygen in the air of the cave.