The interior Minister of Germany will remain in Merkel

The interior Minister of Germany will remain in Merkel

Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, stated intention to resign because of disagreement with the migration policy of the head of the Cabinet reached a compromise. About it reports Deutsche Welle with reference to the statement Seehofer the evening of July 2 after talks between the Christian democratic Union (CDU) headed by the Christian social Union (CSU).

Seehofer spoke about the agreement with Merkel, which will prevent “illegal migration on the border of Germany and Austria”. Merkel also pointed to the progress that the parties “good compromise”. We are talking about in Germany to establish transit centres for refugees, which for a short time will be able to accommodate the migrants registered in other EU countries. In this case, Merkel saw the preservation of the spirit of partnership with the EU. The migrants from those countries with which Germany and other EU countries there is no agreement on the return of refugees will not be able to cross the border of Germany.

Care Seehofer could provoke the collapse of the ruling coalition and the government crisis in Germany. Previously represented in the Bundestag the party “Alternative for Germany” filed on Merkel to the constitutional court, which found that in developing migration policy, the government violated the right of parliamentarians to participate in solving this issue.