Putin has assigned military units the names of Ukrainian cities

Putin has assigned military units the names of Ukrainian cities

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed decrees on awarding honorary titles to a number of units of the Russian army. Relevant documents published on the official portal of legal information.

The document notes that the honorary title has different parts “in order to preserve the glorious historic military traditions, education of servicemen in the spirit of devotion to the Fatherland and fidelity to military duty”. The names of Ukrainian cities are included in the memory of the participation of the parts in the liberation of these cities in the years of the great Patriotic war.

So, the 6-th tank regiment of the Russian army now bears the honorary title “guards of Lviv”, the 68th tank regiment — “guards Zhitomir-Berlin”, 163-Panzer regiment — “guards Nezhin”.

A number of units of the Russian army was given the honorary name, including the names of the cities of Belarus — Vitebsk (90th guards tank Vitebsk-Novgorod division), Kobrin (856 guards self-propelled artillery regiment Kobrin), Slonim (102nd infantry Slonimska Pomeranian regiment). In addition, the 400th self-propelled artillery regiment received the honorary title “Transylvania”, 144 infantry division became the guards Elninskaya, 150 motorized rifle division — Idrica-Berlin, 933-th anti-aircraft missile regiment — Sochi.

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