Disarmament, not worth promoting

Disarmament, not worth promoting

USA did not accept the proposal of Russia and China to discuss the possibility of lifting the sanctions against the DPRK.


As it became known””, on 28 June, Russia and China tried to convince the UN security Council to adopt the document, opening the way for a gradual lifting of sanctions against North Korea, but failed because of opposition from Washington. Information “Kommersant” confirmed the permanent mission to the UN. The statement was “to maintain the positive momentum” of the development of relations between the DPRK on the one hand, and the United States and South Korea on the other. In the US, however, it seems that any positive dynamics is not observed: on Sunday, The Washington Post, citing sources in the intelligence community reported that Pyongyang despite promises does not destroy, but increases the capacity for production of nuclear materials.

As a confirmed “Kommersant” press Secretary of the permanent mission to the UN Feodor Strzygowski, Moscow and Beijing on June 28 closed meeting invited other members of the UN security Council to adopt a joint statement to the press “with the support of positive dynamics between the US and the DPRK, and Pyongyang and Seoul.” It was supposed to indicate that the security Council “is ready to consider easing sanctions when the time is right”.

“We understand that since the beginning of the positive dynamics on the Korean Peninsula after seven months, there are already concrete results,” — said the motives of Moscow Mr. Strzegowski.

He also added that, according to the development Programme and the office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs, “there are serious problems for the civilian population of the DPRK caused by the unintended consequences of sanctions.”

In the result of nine UN security Council resolutions imposed on North Korea in 2016 and 2017, other States were banned any trade or financial transactions with Pyongyang. As previously reported Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, Kim Jong-UN at a meeting with Chinese President XI Jinping on 19 June asked him to expedite the removal of the country’s restrictions because North Korea “has serious difficulties”. Legally remove imposed by the UN security Council sanctions is possible only through the approval of this same body.

The proposal of Russia and China was rejected by US officials, citing the continuing negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang.

Recall that after the meeting of President of the United States Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN on June 12 in Singapore, the American leader declared that “North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat,” and expressed confidence that the head of the DPRK sincerely ready to move toward denuclearization. Previously, a number of Japanese and Western media reported that Beijing believes Pyongyang made concessions sufficient to start negotiations on lifting sanctions, but the offer on acceptance of the application on 28 June — which became known first official step in this direction.

Correspondence response to China and Russia sounded on Sunday when the newspaper the Washington Post, citing sources in the intelligence community, the U.S. said that the DPRK not only has no plans to disarm, but is actively working to conceal the real scale of its nuclear program. According to the newspaper’s sources in the military, U.S. intelligence, Pyongyang underestimates the number of its nuclear warheads. Washington estimates their total number at about 65, but during the talks, North Korean officials allegedly called a “much smaller number”.


In addition, North Korea acknowledges the existence of only one Yonbancho plant for uranium enrichment, then Washington since 2010, says about the existence in the Canson second plant of the same type, the capacity of which is twice higher than in Yongbyon. And to stop the DPRK, it seems, is not going to any of them. The authors of the analytical portal about North Korea 38 North is considered on the basis of satellite imagery from June 21, concluded that after the meeting on June 12 in Singapore the upgrading of the five-megawatt broadcasting plutonium enrichment plant in Yongbyon only accelerated. Next to it, built two new buildings and the modernization of the second cooling circuit.

Not done yet and this Donald Trump promise to eliminate a testing ground for rocket engines. The existence of such agreement, the President himself announced at a press conference following talks on 12 June, although in the joint statement of the summit on her not a word. The Declaration contains only a vague promise “to work on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”.

In fact, the only measure, which went until North Korea — decline in the intensity of anti-American propaganda in their media.

USA is not subjected to traditional verbal flagellation on June 25, the anniversary of the Korean war of 1950-1953. Instead, commentators cautiously noted that Washington “should firmly adhere to the statement of 12 June”.


According to experts, the ASAN Institute for Policy Studies Go Myong-Hyun, the U.S. intelligence community from the start is much more sober than the President looked at the prospects for the disarmament of the DPRK. “Nuclear materials and bombs are easy to hide, and hunt for them can be long — he said “Kommersant”.— Now is to concentrate efforts on eliminating North Korean missiles. They are harder to hide and do their elimination will significantly reduce the military potential of the DPRK.”

Michael Korotkov, Elena Chernenko

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