Latvia has banned education in Russian language

Latvia has banned education in Russian language

The Parliament of Latvia adopted amendments to the law on universities that prohibit teaching in private universities and colleges of the country in Russian language. On it informs edition Delfi.

Changes in legislation effective from January 1, 2019. Previously, the ban on teaching in Russian language only applied to state universities. As explained in the Ministry of education and science of the country because the government regulates the education and accreditation criteria of educational programs, it is entitled to determine the language in which instruction.

The Agency also explains the ban previously adopted amendments to the law on education, according to which Latvia is in the transition to instruction exclusively in the official language in high school. 2 APR 2018 President of the Russian Federation approved the prohibition of education in schools of Latvia in the Russian language.

The Ministry of education and science invites the universities to continue learning the educational programs in the Russian language before the expiry of the accreditation of these programs.

The prohibition relates exclusively to the Russian language. Universities across the country continues to be education in the languages of the EU.

Russian language is trained about a third of the students of private universities in the country. Russian language is the second most common in Latvia. It is spoken at home 37 percent of the population.