Rapper Face said about leaving the army

Rapper Face said about leaving the army

Rapper Ivan Dremin, known under the pseudonym Face, said that he was leaving the army. About this he wrote in Twitter.

“Go to army, I’ll see you next year”, — stated in the message of the musician. Later, the network appeared the photo, presumably, of the meeting of the drafting Commission in the military.



Most fans reacted with disbelief to the news. “Only the most attentive and understanding know that you don’t go to a year in prison. Post about voennik no, although he was. I’m glad you have a good mood, we’ll always support good or bad news for you… because anything can happen,” wrote one user. Others noted that now the new single will have to wait another year.

Rapper Face announced his departure in армиюhttps://t.co/1GmKvhWuhc pic.twitter.com/ZVzSRvGqwb

— Якутск.Ru (@YakutskRu) June 22, 2018

In October 2017 in an interview with journalist Yuri Dude Face said that not go into the army because he doesn’t want and said Hello to the military. “Nobody’s looking for me, I’m not looking for anyone, and we all good. Voennik [military ID] I do not have”, — said the musician.