Intermittent fasting reduced weight and blood pressure

Intermittent fasting reduced weight and blood pressure

American biologists have conducted a pilot study of the effectiveness of popular diets 16:8, also known as intermittent fasting.

For 12 weeks volunteers with excess weight eating for eight hours every day, and the remaining 16 — drank only water. As a result, as reported in an article published in Nutrition and Health Aging, the participants managed to reduce their weight by 2.6 percent and their systolic blood pressure dropped seven millimeters of mercury.

For those who want to avoid the risk of developing obesity and all related diseases are usually advised to reduce calories and move more. Many people, however, it is difficult to monitor the health without clear guidance, so they prefer a diet whose effectiveness is often difficult to predict: some of the limitations of power can be not just useless, but dangerous. The best way to assess if this will work diet (and also not to cause any health even more damage) is to conduct a randomized controlled trial. With this scientists have managed, for example, to show that no carb diets and basirova about equally effective.

In the new work, scientists led by Krista varady (Krista Varady) University of Illinois at Chicago decided to evaluate the effectiveness of popular diets (or rather, meal plan) 16:8. Its principle is quite simple: every day for 16 hours you need to drink only water (or other drinks with calorific value close to zero) and the remaining eight hours there are unlimited quantities. This method fairly simple and limits the intake of food is only a time frame: keep track of calorie consumption not necessarily.