Do not miss the moment

Do not miss the moment

Supporters of the resumption of Russian-American relations consider new approaches in the dialogue with Russia for Donald trump.

In anticipation of a possible meeting of leaders of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, as well as the visit of U.S. senators to Moscow in the White house and Congress were active supporters of the upgrade of relations between the two countries. This “Izvestia” said an American diplomatic source and the source in political circles in Washington.

Experts interviewed by “Izvestia” noted that, despite continuing in the US administration, the split in the Russian direction, the development of new strategies for contacts with Russia comes on the agenda. Time to talk do it, consider in the Federation Council.

The summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump can be held in the foreseeable future, and before him the Russian capital is a must visit, a group of American senators. Given that the contacts of the Russian Federation and the United States in recent years have been minimized, these meetings will be a very important step towards the resumption of dialogue. Against this background, in the White house and Congress is unfolding “great game” — decide who will help Donald Trump to move from words to real attempts to get along with Russia.

As explained by the “Izvestia” two people in Washington openly support the President on this question yet few dare — too likely to draw the attention of spectacular on the “Russian intervention” by Robert Muller. However, the number of those who believe that the appropriate time for the resumption of contacts with Russia came gradually growing.

Now, on the one hand, the US has created serious tensions with the EU and a trade war erupted with China. And the trump is one step away from being able to pass a peacemaker on the Korean Peninsula (though not everybody likes it). The President has never concealed that he supports the dialogue with Russia. And if it is able to set a positive trend in relations with Moscow, he will be able to more confidently position yourself as a person, “able to solve problems”. Therefore, more and more people in the administration and Congress do not want to miss this wave, — said one of interlocutors of “Izvestia”.