Trump promised to call Kim Jong Ynu didn’t call

Trump promised to call Kim Jong Ynu didn’t call

The US President Donald trump has reneged on his promise to call the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Ynu on June 17. It is reported by CNN.


Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders confirmed that a telephone conversation between heads of state was not. The reason it failed, is not specified.

June 15, trump said that he gave Kim Chen Ynu the number of your personal phone and he is going to call North Korea at the weekend. “Now I can call him and say, “So, we have a problem”. He also would call me if there are any questions,” gave to the Reuters.

The first meeting of the leaders of the United States and North Korea was held on June 12. Following the bilateral summit, politicians have signed a document, which trump called “important, comprehensive and detailed”. Kim Jong-UN thanked his counterpart for a meeting and called to leave all disagreements in the past.

In may, Politico reported that the President of the United States uses a cell phone in which there is no modern means of data protection. A year ago it became known that trump gave your mobile number to world leaders with whom he met, and asked them to call him personally.