The immigration scandal in the United States: children share with their parents and are kept in “cells”

The immigration scandal in the United States: children share with their parents and are kept in “cells”

In the U.S., inflames the immigration scandal because of the new rules, according to which violators of the border regime indicted, and their children are sent to special detention centers.

About two thousand of migrant children in the U.S. were placed in detention centers separated from their parents who have violated immigration laws.

Earlier, the attorney General Jeff sessions instructed to prosecute all the adults who are trying to enter the United States illegally.

Migrants charged under the relevant article, even in the absence of other disorders. Their children, not accused of a crime, transferred to insulators.

A new migration policy was called policy of “zero tolerance”.

June 19, investigative organization ProPublica published an audio recording where you hear crying Hispanic children in custody separately from their parents. According to ProPublica, children 4 to 10 years.

On the record also the voice of an adult man — presumably, the employee of a border service. “We’ve got a concert. Only the conductor is not enough,” he says.

Which include migrants?

Insulating facilities are converted warehouses or supermarkets.

In one of the photos, common Customs and border service of the USA, it is clear that adult migrants sit on the benches in the space enclosed by a metal grid. Journalists say that children are detained in similar conditions.

In the same square 20 children. On the floor, bottles of water, packets of chips and a blanket of foil.AP

That children are held in cells, also wrote a Senator from the Democratic party, Chris van HOLLEN and house of representatives member of the Republican party Peter Welch. According to Welch, the conditions in prison are not much different from prison.

They reported that it is a clean building with bare concrete floors. In the center there are medical professionals, but not psychologists. In the building all day light.

In insulators over the place, and the US government began to establish for offenders campgrounds. According to media reports, in the same separately from contain migrants and their children.