The Duma equated a day in jail to fifteen days in prison

The Duma equated a day in jail to fifteen days in prison

Moscow. June 20. INTERFAX.RU the state Duma adopted amendments to the criminal code of the Russian Federation, according to which one day spent in prison is equivalent to one and a half days in the colony.

The amendment was supported at the meeting of the lower house on Wednesday during the consideration of the bill in the second reading, which is under consideration for 10 years.

So one day in jail, according to the bill, will amount to one and a half days of serving of punishment in a correctional colony of General regime and educational colonies; two days in a colony-settlement.

Currently, defendants in criminal cases served time in jail is counted, regardless of sentence “day for day”.

Under the bill, the rule “day after day” will be saved for serving time in prisons and colonies of strict regime and special.

The bill proposes to introduce new rules of calculation in the case of home detention during the investigation is to equate two day in house one day in prison — regardless of the severity of the regime. Yet in such situations, also used the rule of “day after day”.