In Germany, police rescued two hedgehogs with a hangover

In Germany, police rescued two hedgehogs with a hangover

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. In the German city of Erfurt, police rescued two hedgehogs, who the night before kissed the thrown by somebody in the bottle of strong alcoholic beverage. About this Facebook said the police of Thuringia.

“These two prickly drinkers were doing on Sunday night is likely to remain their secret. However, it is obvious that their intoxication and subsequent hemorrhage associated with a broken bottle great egg liqueur”, — stated in the message of the police.

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After a call to the local resident, the police found hedgehogs on the Playground “almost obesplozhennym”. Obviously, animals had to face the “consequences of alcohol use,” reads the post.

“To interact with drunks and set their personalities was extremely difficult because both have only vague memories of what happened, about their surroundings and about their mortal existence”, — joked the police.

Officers carefully wrapped urchins in cloth and taken to the zoo, where they will assist, and then release into the wild. The police said that one of them has recovered and “is waiting for his colleague”.