In the US will be Perm robot Promobot

In the US will be Perm robot Promobot

The Russian robotic assistants Promobot will appear in the United States. Developing their Perm company entered into a contract for the supply of 2800 their robots from American companies Intellitronix, which will become the exclusive distributor of robots.within five years, which is the contract.

About this “Vedomosti” said the Chairman of the Board of Directors Promobot Alexey Yuzhakov and CEO Intellitronix Gender Spivak. According to them, the exclusive right to distribute will cost the American company $600,000 and a whole lot of robots Intellitronix can pay up to $56.7 million over five years, which is the contract.

In 2018 Promobot supply in the US about 75 robots, in the future the supply should increase to 2022 to reach 100 units per month. According to Yuzhakova, now Promobot already received an advance payment before the end of 2018 in the future, provided the monthly payments. The final price of the robot in the United States are not disclosed.

The robot Promobot can work with advisors in banks and retail, to be a Concierge and security guards, tour guides, lists Yuzhakov. For example, at the end of 2017 two robots Promobot was bought by Sberbank, each robot cost the Bank 1.6 million rubles. They advised clients, helped to fill out some paperwork, explained to “Vedomosti” head of project office at Sberbank private pension Fund Mikhail Vladimirov.