Poklonskaya described the departure of cartoonist Lopatin France escape

Poklonskaya described the departure of cartoonist Lopatin France escape

MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. Check out the cartoonist Denis Lopatin France — escape, said the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya.

Earlier in the Kamchatka SU SK reported that there were several allegations of insulting the feelings of believers at the exhibition Lopatin in October last year, where they were presented with a caricature of Poklonsky and Nicholas II. The artist later told the correspondent of Agency “KAMCHATKA-INFORM”, that forced to emigrate to France because of the threat of criminal prosecution in Russia. As told in the SK, by results of examination the investigators refused to open a criminal case against Lopatin.

“In accordance with the conclusion of religious expertise fluent “cartoonist” for his “work” calls for a derogatory attitude to the values of Orthodoxy provokes the hatred of the believer. The inferiority of “creativity” and cowardly behavior are very well characterized by customers of his “work,” said Poklonskaya RIA Novosti.

In her opinion, the artist is trying “to impersonate a victim.” Also the Deputy reminded that the author’s actions fall under article of the Criminal Code on insulting the feelings of believers.

By the way, “runaway.” Those crimes which conducted preliminary examination, are crimes of extremist and terrorist nature, and the whole world today is fighting against this scourge, including France, which respects and values our Emperor Nicholas ll, which is the Orthodox saints, in whose honour there are millions of people around the world.Natalia Poklonskaya Of The State Duma

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