The Swiss were committed to cash

The Swiss were committed to cash

Moscow. June 17. INTERFAX.RU — Despite the proliferation of new ways and instruments of payment, the Swiss continue to prefer cash.

About 70% of the total volume of domestic payments account for cash, according to a survey by the Swiss national Bank (SNB).

Respondents explain that such positive factors, once that cash is taken everywhere, they are easy to use, the calculations they are faster and more economical (no commissions, typical for other methods of payment), according to the portal While nine out of ten respondents believe that the Swiss banknotes are fully protected against counterfeiting.

Since cash is typically used to make small purchases, their share in value terms accounted for less than half of the total of all payments in Switzerland.

Less than 30% are settlements on debit cards, approximately 10% on credit cards.

Online banking and other cashless methods are especially popular when listing fixed monthly payments including rent and payment for utilities. For small waste of the country’s inhabitants still prefer to use cash.

The Swiss like large cash bills. At the end of 2017 in circulation in the country was 50 million banknotes are in denominations of 1 thousand francs, despite the fact that the European Central Bank has ceased to issue bills in denominations of 500 euros because of fears that they can be used for storing money from criminal purposes.

In the survey, the SNB participated in 1968 the person who throughout the week kept a diary of their costs. They realized 22,689 thousand transactions totaling 919,305 thousand francs. In the diary display both fixed and one-time spending in stores, restaurants, gas stations and other places where the Swiss spend the money.