Ready summit in summer

Ready summit in summer

Vladimir Putin and Donald trump agree to meet in July.

The presidents of Russia and the United States are preparing to hold a meeting in July. This was reported by the newspaper The Washington Post that the two leaders can be timed to the visit of Donald trump to the NATO summit in Brussels on 11-12 July. About the preparations for the meeting between the two leaders which may be held in one of the European capitals, according to numerous leaks and diplomatic sources “Kommersant”. However, despite the high probability of a July summit, Kommersant’s sources do not rule out its breakdown in the White house, there are many opponents of the meeting, insisting that to Donald trump it would make sense only in the case of a breakthrough agreement at least on one of the key problems of the Russian-American agenda.

That in the course scheduled for the second ten days of July visit to Europe US President Donald trump may meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, reported by the newspaper The Washington Post, citing a “representative of the US administration of high rank, and two diplomats.” In addition to its own sources in the White house The Washington Post recalls the statements of Donald trump, who last Friday he made first in an interview with Fox News channel, and then in the course of communication with a group of journalists in Washington. So, answering a question from reporters whether he is going to meet with Vladimir Putin this summer, Donald trump confirmed this: “Yes, perhaps we will meet again”. However, no details of where and when it can undergo the summit, he said.

The lack of more specifics about meeting Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, The Washington Post connects with the ongoing in Washington struggle between different interest groups and a lack of consensus about whether to hurry with this meeting.

“Personally, I do not wish my President was at the meeting where he would have to talk about houses or about the situation with the number of employees in the embassies. Must be done before conducting such a meeting,” the newspaper quoted an unnamed representative of the state Department.

Information about the cool attitude of many members of the team trump the initiative of the head of the White house confirmed former Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Director of the Center for political studies Andrey Fedorov, referring to its sources in the us diplomatic service. “Opponent’s ideas July summit, in particular, acts as Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton. Known for his critical attitude to Russia, Mr. Bolton insists that such a meeting is for Donald trump would make sense only in the case if he had guaranteed to get her in the net, similar to a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in Singapore, — explained “Kommersant” Andrei Fedorov.

In the White house while there is no assurance that summit with Vladimir Putin, Donald trump will be able to present their opponents as a foreign-policy victory before the November elections in the U.S. Congress.Andrew Fedorovicha Center for political studies

Such a victory could, for example, be an agreement to resume the negotiation process on nuclear disarmament and the maintenance of strategic stability”.

The chance meeting of the two presidents in July, confirmed in Moscow, but speaking very carefully and avoiding details. “Don’t exclude”, — said “RIA Novosti” press-Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov, answering the question about whether the Russian-American summit this summer.

“You know that the very necessity of such a meeting both presidents discussed in the last telephone conversation. Including that Vienna could become the city”, — said Dmitry Peskov “Interfax”.

In turn, high-ranking diplomatic source in Moscow confirmed “Kommersant” that in this year the prospect of the Russian-American summit was discussed several times.

“The Russian side has let know that is ready to negotiate provided that they will be held not in Washington, but concrete proposals from the American side, until recently, not received,” — said the interlocutor of Kommersant.

Meanwhile, the comparison of the graphics of Donald trump and Vladimir Putin suggests that the optimal “window of opportunity” for Russia-U.S. summit could become the dates of July 13-14. For Donald trump more logical to hold such a meeting before the NATO summit, scheduled for July 11-12 in Brussels, and immediately after it — in this case the Russian-American summit will be a “hit” of the European tour of US President.

Meeting with Donald trump before the NATO summit would not be too convenient for Vladimir Putin, given that on 10 and 11 July will be held two semi-finals of the world Cup. It is highly likely that the Russian President wants to attend one or two matches to take his colleagues, whose teams will play in the semifinals. For Vladimir Putin meeting with colleagues will have greater value if the semifinal will be France or Germany (key EU country) and their leaders will come to support their teams.

If you have a meeting with Donald trump after the NATO summit, the problems with the work schedule of Vladimir Putin will not (the world Cup final — July 15).

As for the venue, then the best option is already mentioned by Dmitry Peskov in connection with the recent phone talks between the two presidents in Vienna. A member of the Western community Austria has non-aligned status. Finally, the Austrian capital is geographically located ideally Donald Trump from Brussels to fly one and a half hours Vladimir Putin from Moscow two and a half.

Another option is a “neutral European capital” can become Helsinki, in contrast to “NATO capital” of Brussels, in which the emergence of Vladimir Putin eliminated in full.

“From the diplomatic point of view, if the Russian-American summit will be linked to the European tour, Donald trump, the most acceptable to both parties place will be Vienna. If to speak about a meeting time, for Donald trump’s real hold it after the NATO summit when she gets the results”, — explained “Kommersant” Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Association of Russian diplomats Andrei Baklanov.

Question about Russian-American summit is long overdue and even overripe. The lack of high-level talks on Syria, cooperation in the military sphere and on other key security issues becomes simply dangerous.Andrew Baklanovskoe of the Association of Russian diplomats

“In this sense, the summit of Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, if it happens, will create a new, more favorable climate in relations between Moscow and Washington. At the same time no one should be overly high expectations, given that the current administration in the White house until recently seemed unsuitable for a long-lasting agreements,” continues Mr. Baklanov.

However, the Director of Fund of studying of the USA, Franklin Roosevelt (MSU) Yuri Rogulev a bit different opinion. “Despite the fact that Donald trump is not yet ready for full-scale improvement of relations with Russia, it demonstrates the consistency in the fulfilment of his campaign promises, one of which was the normalization of relations with Moscow. As soon as the investigation of the alleged “Russian meddling” in US presidential elections out of steam, in connection with which the topic loses for him his old “toxicity”, Donald trump is more and more actively tries to restart relations with Moscow. Another reminder of this was the call at the summit of the group of seven in Canada to return to Russia in the club of world powers and once again transform the G7 into the G8,” recalls Yuri Rogulev.

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