Christina Aguilera incognito made in metro new York

Christina Aguilera incognito made in metro new York

Singer Christina Aguilera in the company of the famous American TV host Jimmy Fallon has gone underground in new York, where he performed under the guise of a street musician.

The unusual concert video published on the YouTube channel show Fallon The Tonight Show.

In order that the passengers did not recognize the famous actress, Aguilera wore dark glasses and a hat that actually covered the entire face. However, despite the disguise, the passengers, after all, exposed the singer, who has a recognizable and unusual voice.

Metro Aguilera performed their hit Aretha Franklin’s “Freedom”. Around speakers began slowly to gather a crowd, the footage shows that some of the affected voice of the singer, and obviously can not understand whether front of them Aguilera.

To dispel doubts, finally, during the performance of their song “Fighter” Aguilera and Fallon exposed.

After that, the crowd grew noticeably affected passengers started filming the events on mobile phones.

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On 12 June it was reported that the Euro dipped, Jimmy Fallon face in the Stanley Cup.