Chinese found in his car three meter Python (video)

Chinese found in his car three meter Python (video)

No one can explain where it came from in the city centre.

An unexpected discovery was made by a resident of the Chinese city of Alashan when going to sit in your car. Approaching the car, parked nearby Badain Jaran woman saw a huge 3-foot Python, perched on the front wheel.

While the Chinese are in a panic called the police, Python, sensing something was wrong, slipped under the hood.

Police remove a giant python from a car engine after a woman saw it slithering up her car in China

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) June 15, 2018

Police arrived at the scene together with a specially trained diver from the Department of conservation. First, they put a grid on the head of the snake, and then got her out of the car and placed in the container.

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Python is now in the nursery and police are trying to find out where it came from in the Northern town, after all, in this part of the country they inhabit. It is reported that if you can not find the owner of the snake, then it will be taken to the natural habitat and release into the wild. Reticulated Python in China is an endangered species and protected by law.