Between Darwin and Newton. In London buried Stephen Hawking

Between Darwin and Newton. In London buried Stephen Hawking

In the London area of Westminster Abbey, 15 Jun buried the ashes of astrophysics and science popularizer Stephen Hawking. The scientist said goodbye to his friends, relatives and colleagues on scientific work.


Ashes of Stephen Hawking was buried in the Abbey, between the tombs of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Speeches at the memorial ceremony were made by longtime friend and colleague of Hawking astrophysicist Kip Thorne, actor Benedict Cumberbatch played the scientist in the film Bi-bi-si, astronaut Tim Peak, and many others.

In total, the raffle tickets was attended by about 25 thousand people.

Reportedly, the site that awards invitations are allowed to register time travelers born no later than 2038. Did someone yet unborn, the inhabitants of the Earth, is not specified.

The funeral invited students who, like Hawking, can only speak by means of devices of speech synthesis too.

After the farewell ceremony with the Hawking will be broadcast addresses nearest to the Earth, a black hole with music arranged by composer Vangelis. All guests of the ceremony received the disc with the recording of the speech.

Pallab Ghosh, science correspondent bi-Bi-si:

Stephen Hawking said that science will reveal to us the path to the mind of God. He meant that we will be able to know all that in theory could know God if he existed. Hawking God is not believed and was an atheist.

Given this, a religious ceremony in Westminster Abbey is contrary to the views of Hawking.

But when I hear the Gothic Abbey filled with the sounds of the music of Wagner, Mahler, Stravinsky, Elgar and, of course, symphonic Suite from Gustav Holst “the Planets”, the mind forgets about worldly things and seeks to unearthly matters.

That’s what Hawking was doing in his works. He opened the mysteries of the Universe.

In Westminster Abbey, the ceremony of the burial of ashes of Stephen Hawking