The government has begun to reduce the share of pensioners among the Russians

The government has begun to reduce the share of pensioners among the Russians

To raise the retirement age will start from 2019, instead of the promised higher pensions.

The authorities have long prepared to raise the retirement age and finally decided, yesterday, said the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev. The government has approved the bill according to which the retirement age of Russians will begin to rise from next year. The current age of retirement established in the 1930s, Medvedev recalled, since then, life expectancy has increased significantly — nearly 73 years, and now the country has created conditions for increasing life expectancy to 80 years. More and more pensioners, and the proportion of working-age Russians is decreasing and if the retirement age is not raised, the pension system unbalances so that the state cannot fulfill its social obligations, frightened Prime Minister. And if you improve, you can increase the size of pensions and to raise the standard of living in the country.

In 2020 the retirement age will be 61 for men and 56 years for women, and then every two years to increase by the year 2024 — 63 and 58 years, in 2028 — 65 and 60. From this moment, men the age of retirement to rise stop — if you do not happen the new reform, and women will continue up to 63 years in 2034

Thus, the impact of increase will be experienced by males born in 1959 and later and women born in 1964 or later.

Authorities believe a transitional period is long and I believe that he will soften the negative effect of raising the retirement age. Medvedev called another “indulgence”: if a man has a large working experience — 40 years in women and 45 in men, he will be able to retire two years earlier. That is, to the man to retire at 63 years, it is necessary to operate continuously for 18 years.

People who are eligible for early retirement, workers of harmful and dangerous manufactures, mothers with many children, disabled people, Chernobyl — yet will retire on the old age standards. Servicemen and employees of power structures raising the retirement age also not concerned, assured Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

Judging by the statements of Medvedev, the indexation of pensions can increase by half, says the Director of the Fri of the Ministry of Finance Vladimir Nazarov: the Prime Minister said that payments to those already retired, will be increased by 1000 rubles. annually, and now they grow less than 500 roubles a year.

Discusses indexing in which the pension is increased by 2 percentage points faster than inflation, says the Federal official.

The big question is how the benefits of raising the retirement age will be divided between the pensioners and the budget continues Nazarov, rather the priority is to raise pensions.