Russian grandmother “broke” the Brazilian journalist

Russian grandmother “broke” the Brazilian journalist

The network is gaining popularity of a fragment of the broadcast of Brazilian television, with the participation of elderly women from Russia, which took the journalist by surprise.

The video published on the page of Fox Sports on Twitter.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHA A conversa aleatória e mais incrível da Rússia está passando na sua timeline! #FSRádioBrasil

— FOX Sports Brasil (@FoxSportsBrasil) 13 Jun 2018

Correspondents from Brazil arrived in Russia to engage in direct reporting from the upcoming world Cup. The day before the start of the competition Fox Sports Brasil journalist has decided to walk in Moscow and to talk to guests and local residents, however, one interview clearly went wrong.

During the broadcast, the operator moved the camera at the elderly woman who chanted “Russia, forward!”. The journalist thanked her and continued to talk about the situation in the country, however, the grandmother again burst into the frame and began to ask questions. Several times she screamed into the microphone, trying to figure out the nationality of the reporter, but he didn’t know what to say. Pointless conversation in different languages caused indescribable delight in those who was in a Brazilian Studio.

At one point the Brazilian said in Russian “Thank you” and leaned over to the Russian woman: she suddenly kissed him and said, “Please.” After that grandma’s gone, but after a moment returned to find out on what channel it will show.