Proven use of religion for a lifetime

Proven use of religion for a lifetime

A group of scientists from Ohio state University conducted a study which showed that religion has a positive effect on life expectancy. About it reports The Independent.

The results of the research were published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. Experts have proven that religious people live by 5.64 years longer than non-believers.

In the main part of the study used data from thousands of obituaries of the 42 States on the basis of which scholars analyzed the religion and lifestyle of the deceased. Further study 500 obituaries from Iowa revealed a greater discrepancy in life expectancy between believers and atheists — of 6.48 years.

Scientists Baldwin way (Way, Baldwin) and Laura Wallace (Laura Wallace) attribute this to the residence in the region, where the percentage of religious people is very high. High duration of life of believers is affected by a more active social life and volunteering, which helps to solve the problem of loneliness and a sedentary lifestyle in old age. Religious people are less prone to bad habits and stress. The habit of meditation, yoga and prayer help to deal with stress and negative.

However, these obvious causes explain only the annual difference lifetime believers and atheists. The remaining few years, the difference remains not fully elucidated.