In the Omsk region in an indifferent father and a caring mother was born a humble musk ox PHOTO

In the Omsk region in an indifferent father and a caring mother was born a humble musk ox PHOTO

A baby boom in the Bolsherechye zoo continues. This time the parents are the spouses-the musk oxen the Moon and said. How do you know “Superomsk” little babycat was born about 3 weeks ago. Baby is still staying close to mom, and she wants to protect him.


The correspondent of “Superomsk” he has witnessed as the Moon, thrusting menacing horns, rushed towards the visitors who came too close to the cage. To protect the visitors of the zoo aviary, where he lives formidable mother with a baby, now enclosed by fencing and is full of warnings — the moon is better not to bother.

For the same reason as yet unknown and the sex of the baby — Mama just won’t allow zoo staff to approach your precious baby.

The baby will not be watching, and gender to determine until you get it. She won’t admit, but she’s dangerous pretty mom. There is one option that is only if her locked in the house, or distilled, but not necessary. Yeah and who knows how the kid will react.Natalia Bolotovskaya information-methodical Department

But dad, Babichenko emotions do not overwhelm — he remained the same calm as always. Sayid moved to a nearby enclosure when his wife was in the last stages of pregnancy. As is explained in “Superomsk” at the zoo, this reassurance just in case.

“You never know what he might come up with. Suddenly he was something like, for example, that the mother of all the attention the baby pays. One unlucky punch and everything can happen”, — explained the “Superomsk” Bolotov.

Now Sayid and the Moon live in the neighboring cages, so dad can watch his child grow, only through the fence of the enclosure. However, now he is much more concerned with heat than the education of the kid. Note newborn babycook is not the first baby of the spouses. Next to Sayid and Luna, their daughter lives Gavryusha-Galusha.

But the family idyll can be broken, and the baby may not have one. The fact that Sayid and the Moon as their daughter — not the property of the zoo.