Scientists have found a way to “see” through walls (video)

Scientists have found a way to “see” through walls (video)

For this, they have developed a new neural network.

American experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, learned to skillfully pry. They created a neural network that is able to scan space for radio waves and thus to detect people, which is not visible, e.g. behind a wall.

The neural network taught on numerous photos and videos sitting, standing or moving people and downloaded knowledge of the structure of the human body. Thanks to this program can not only figure out the object in space, but also to generate the position of his skeleton.

During the download an error has occurred.

While the neural network needs to be expanded — she now “sees” only the General silhouette. But in the future, scientists hope to teach the technology to read the shape of the face in the dark or under the mask. Thus, the experts want to help the police find criminals.