The state Duma has prepared a new draft law criminalizing the enforcement of foreign sanctions

The state Duma has prepared a new draft law criminalizing the enforcement of foreign sanctions

Moscow. On 13 June. INTERFAX.RU — New version of the draft law, envisaging responsibility for the enforcement of foreign sanctions on Russian territory has already been prepared; in the near future is expected to be a meeting of the Council on legislation to discuss the amendments, said the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia “Andrei Isayev.

“We have prepared a new edition in the near future the state Duma Chairman appointed by the meeting of the Council on legislation, which will be presented is a new editorial”, — Isayev said on Wednesday, responding to a question of Interfax.

Proposals to change

Earlier, commenting on the draft law, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that the drafting amendments should be based on “the need to develop the rules that would allow to improve the investment climate — time to protect business — two, and, third, to protect the rights of businesses and legal entities that may be affected by sanctions.”

“We all offers considered, we have a lot of them. Now all United in one thing: you must save the second part of the bill unchanged,” — said Volodin.

The speaker noted that says about the part “where we are talking about criminal responsibility for specific actions and appeals related support and introduction of sanctions against Russia by individual citizens.”

“On this issue there is a consensus, and, moreover, some suggest to toughen responsibility and equated to the (state — if) treason, but I think that this one will not go”, — said Volodin.

In this first part of the draft law there are issues noted by the speaker of the state Duma. In particular, there are proposals to transfer responsibility for the enforcement of foreign sanctions of the Russian Federation from criminal to administrative, and to introduce so-called principle of administrative prejudice, when for the first violation is subject to administrative, and for the re — already criminal liability.

There are different approaches, but everything must be done to the investment climate will only benefit the Russian business has suffered, and, most importantly, the business was protected against hostile action. A difficult task, we solve it, we hope that by the end of the spring session will come to a decision.Vyacheslav Waltenspiel Of The State Duma

A bill on criminal responsibility for the execution of sanctions on the territory of the Russian Federation adopted by the state Duma in the first reading. The initiative provoked a strong reaction of representatives of the business community.

The contents of the bill

Under the relevant draft law in the first reading, the criminal code of the Russian Federation proposed to add a new article “Limitation or refusal to carry out ordinary business operations and transactions in order to assist in the enforcement of restrictive measures imposed by foreign countries, Union of foreign States or international organization”.

If registered in Russia legal entities, constituent entities of the Russian Federation or municipal formation and controlled entity (the Russian private and public entities) denied the citizen of the Russian Federation in the Commission’s regular business operations and transactions in the framework of implementation of anti-Russian sanctions — such actions are punishable by a fine of up to RUB 600 thousand, the restriction or deprivation of liberty up to four years. There is also the possibility of punishment by forced labour for a period up to four years.