Couple that jokingly agreed to marry in 50 years, he kept his word

Couple that jokingly agreed to marry in 50 years, he kept his word

After finishing school novel they were friends for 37 years.

51-year-old Kimberly Dean, and 54-year-old Ron Palmer of the U.S. state of Minnesota started Dating back in high school, but the first love ended quickly and turned into a friendship.

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Several decades ago — they don’t remember exactly when — lifelong friends and high school sweethearts…

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All 37 years they kept in touch and made a habit to call when she broke up with their partners. Kimberly during this time had time to visit married and give birth to two children, which Ron sometimes did.

A few years ago, when Kimberly was divorcing her husband, Ron jokingly offered to conclude a Pact: if 50 years they will both be single, then marry.

Laughed, they forgot about the deal, but thought about it in 2016-m to year when were back with broken hearts. In the end, the couple started Dating and a few months later Ron did Kimberly offer. Of course, she agreed.

To the altar the bride was led by the eldest son, who just loves Ron because he was for many years practically part of the family.

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The couple admit that when I joked about your wedding, even could not think that such can ever happen. But, apparently, it’s fate.