Appeared jeans which must be worn without underwear (photo)

Appeared jeans which must be worn without underwear (photo)

It seems that fashion designers this year decided to arrange a competition whose jeans will be more Frank and crazier.

Brand Opening Ceremony has released a new model of pants with transparent inserts on the sides. Kinda sounds pretty well, except for the fact that the insert is wide enough and go to the waist. This means that “nice” to wear under their underwear does not work at all desire.

The usual price of jeans is $ 590, but now the company is staged and sells them for $ 236.

Fashion brand Opening Ceremony launch VERY daring jeans which can only be worn without underwear

— Kristen Neville (@ScornedWomanX) June 6, 2018

Girls who dare to wear these jeans, you need to have not just courage, but skill, because one wrong movement can expose that bare.

Note that the Opening Ceremony is not the first time creating insane models are unclear as to wear. For example, their creation of a denim tube with buttons that were attached to the girdle using suspenders.

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Earlier, two of the brand presented jeans with huge holes and the frame of my pants.