The Armenian Parliament approved the new government’s program

The Armenian Parliament approved the new government’s program

YEREVAN, 7 Jun — RIA Novosti. The national Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia approved on Thursday at an extraordinary meeting of the programme of the new government; among the main points — the desire to develop relations with Russia and a willingness to negotiate with the President of Azerbaijan on the settlement in Karabakh.

For the adoption of the document presented by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan voted 62 deputies, against — 39.

Presenting the program, Pashinyan said that the government will work to eradicate corruption, separation of business and politics, to support economic competition. The declared objectives are the protection of human rights, economic growth, creation of new jobs, the eradication of poverty.

In foreign policy, the government promised to make efforts for the development of strategic allied relations with Russia, said Pashinyan.

He added that the government considers military cooperation with Russia as an important element in ensuring Armenia’s security. In addition, he said, will be the impetus to partnership with the United States and the EU.

The document also highlights the need for early parliamentary elections, at the latest during the year. Prior to this, as stated Pashinyan, you need to make changes to the electoral law. According to him, the development of reforms will be doing a special working group which will include representatives of all factions, civil society, extra-parliamentary forces.