10 unusual sexual rituals of animals

10 unusual sexual rituals of animals

All animals have the instinct of reproduction, although only a few of them get pleasure from sex as men. For cats, for example, it is generally quite painful and unpleasant process. And speaking of more exotic kinds of sexual habits and customs in General can result in something quite incredible.

Bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee (lat. Pan paniscus)

One of the few species of animals that receive pleasure from sex and therefore he devotes a considerable amount of time. Sex for a Bonobo is not only reproduction, but also a way of conflict resolution (they can end a fight), a greeting (similar to a handshake), and even the issue of who gets more food. That would be us.

Frigates (lat. Fregata)

For greeting females and their attraction to sex frigates inflate a huge red goiter on the throat. It helps a female to see a male interested from afar. The size of goiter is selected and the prevalent male.

The honey bee (lat. Apis mellifera)

For honey bees sex is a suicide mission. The sexual organs of the male remain inside the female, and the male dies.

Paunchy tick (lat. Pyemotes ventricosus)

These small and rather unpleasant insects, causing people grain scabies, in fact, are sexual barbarians. They have no instinct of separation between the sexes, and they just pounce on anything that moves and that remotely looks like a tick, intercourse including brothers and sisters, as well as with inanimate objects.

The giant Panda (lat. Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

These adorable bamboo bears is known that practically do not breed in captivity, and the freedom inactive in sexual terms, which are constant characters of the red book. So, in Chinese zoos to encourage pandas to reproduce, they show videos fuck pandas, I mean… pornography.

Spotted hyena (lat. Crocuta crocuta)

Females and males striped hyenas have almost the same structure of the genital organs — females have a penis, only smaller in size and are in a sort of bag-holster. The mating of hyenas looks like a homosexual sex act, when in fact it is this kind practically does not practice such “entertainment”, in contrast to many counterparts.

Common garter snake (lat. Thamnophis sirtalis)

This kind of snake reproduces by means of mass orgies. And quite a kind of males weight piled on a single female exuding pheromones, and in turn “get” her. To establish paternity in this situation, if anything, is impossible.

Dolphins (lat. Delphinidae)

These lovely creatures almost obsessed with sex. Well-known videos on youtube where dolphins trying to have sex with people — this is due to the fact that if there are no females, Dolphin can not meet their needs any more or less appropriate.

Clown fish, or amphiprion (lat. Amphiprion)

Well-known aquarium fish are able to change your gender. It is a way of survival — the fish are able to breed even in a community, in which there are only males or only females.

Grape snail (lat. Helix pomatia)

Snails are hermaphrodites, and behind the eyes of them hiding something like-charged sperm dart. During copulation, two snails can simultaneously shot a dart into the partner is pregnant both individuals.