“I blame the devil”

“I blame the devil”

The hundred year old drink, smoke and suffer from gluttony, but nothing takes.

On Earth to seven billion people, but only a few hundred centenarians who reached 110 years. What is the secret of their longevity? Some believe that they helped no bad habits or special diet, others praising alcohol, tobacco and the junk food, still others believe that it’s all about the right attitude. “Ribbon.ru” studied their explanations.


“My secret of longevity is to stay away from men. From them more problems than good,” announced in 2015, the oldest inhabitant of Scotland, Jesse Galland. She was born into a poor rural family in 1906 and worked with for 13 years — first as a milkmaid at the farm, then as a maid and waitress. Had to work seven days a week. The Galland lived to be 109 years, but never married. She was not there.

Similar opinion is shared by another British long — Madeline Grant. In April she celebrated the 106th birthday. The woman grew up in the suburbs of Sheffield and lived to old age in the home. At first she shared it with her mother and sister (his father died in the First world war), and then remained there alone and only recently moved to a nursing home. Before leaving for the peace Let worked paralytica, and at leisure, knitting and digging in the garden.

When she asked about the old novels or husband, she replied: “I Have never had. Because he lived to such years. Says that without marital stress. But more jokingly than seriously.Niece Madeline Let

In her opinion, the real reason is not the case, and regular physical activity: every day on the way to work Give had to climb a steep hill.

The benefits of solitude was convinced and 117-year-old Italian woman Emma Morano, which was considered the oldest woman in the world.

She was born at the end of the nineteenth century, survived the overthrow of the monarchy, the reign of Mussolini, the two world wars and the rise of terrorism “Lead the seventies”. To 55 years woman sewed bags, a jute mill, and then 20 years preparing meals for the wards of a Catholic boarding school.

Most of my life Morano lived alone, but, unlike Galland and may she was married. The man she loved, returned from the First world war. After that she was forcibly made to marry another. The new bride threatened to kill her if she refused. Relatives were on his side, so there was nowhere to run. “I was 26. We got married,” recalled Morano. In 1937 she lost a child a year later, she kicked her husband out of the house. It lacked suitors, but all were refused. “I did not want to be commanded”, she explained.

Proper nutrition

Each centenarians will sooner or later ask how he managed to live to a ripe old age. Of course, they don’t know, but trying to help and spread what I eat, what I loved to do, and what, on the contrary, avoided. “Ask a hundred centenarians and get a hundred different stories,” says the Director of the longevity Institute at the University of southern California, Valter Longo.