China has a sidewalk for those who are looking smartphones on the go

China has a sidewalk for those who are looking smartphones on the go

The innovations have been both supporters and opponents.

The government of XI’an city in Northwest China has decided to draw attention to the problem of “mobile addicts” — people who are dependent on their gadgets.

Footpath designed for ‘zombie pedestrians’ glued to their phones appears in China

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) June 5, 2018

For those who even on busy streets can’t part with your smartphone, set up a special zone on sidewalks in different areas of a busy street, Yan-TA, near shopping centers.

This 100-meter lanes, painted in red, blue and green and marked with a mobile phone. I wonder what the rest of the sidewalk you can see a prohibition sign — a crossed-out device.

As planned by the authorities, “smartphone zombies” will thus be separated from other people, so as not to collide with them and not to interfere with movement.

According to media reports, local people in General reacted positively to this idea, but there were also those who criticized the innovation, so as a pedestrian walkway is unlikely to solve the problem of dependency on smartphones.

西安街头现“低头族专用通道” 也太人性化了
西安街头出现了一条为“低头族”设计的专用通道。 中新网 图 西安雁塔路某商场门

— 中国大陆新闻 (@cnmainland) June 5, 2018

According to China Daily, people in China spend an average of three hours a day on their gadgets, ranking second in the world after Brazilians.