With the breeze. Twitter started a new crazy flash mob

With the breeze. Twitter started a new crazy flash mob

Looks like real magic.

Most of the flash mobs in the Network starts with some stupidity. At this time the cause of mass madness was the tweet Jaylin Malone from Texas. The girl revealed how her sister just sat on the floor and play driver unassisted “left” out of the frame. The most notable is that she did it backwards, breaking all the laws of physics. And then it began.

Today this is what my sister came into my room to show me pic.twitter.com/3TiubH1VxR

— Jaylynn Malone (@ebonypotatohead) on 1 June 2018.

Twitter users took the video as a call to action and began to repeat the drive on the floor.

Those who could not ride backwards questions. And Malone did not pretend that it’s magic. She published a video where this trick does her mother.

Was enough to push off of something stable, and then play the video backwards.

I can’t rn y’all ? pic.twitter.com/Zp747Ko3XH

— Jay ?? (@OHsoFresco) 2 Jun 2018

Y’all IM WEAKKK ??? pic.twitter.com/iaNqh0HdmH

— Myriam Samake (@_myriamsamake_) 2 Jun 2018

yo sister’s a genius ?? (ik I’m flooding?) pic.twitter.com/ZHFohpTxem

— Dre⚡ I (@BigFive_) 2 Jun 2018

im crying pic.twitter.com/uhbwRfMzlR

— tilly? (@tillylaine) 2 Jun 2018

I had to do it, it looked like fun ?? pic.twitter.com/cyG3NvqszL

— Matt ? (@MxttDxwson) 2 Jun 2018

The process pic.twitter.com/B3r0xU6grS

— Jaylynn Malone (@ebonypotatohead) on 1 June 2018.