Doctors called the song that can save a life

Doctors called the song that can save a life

MOSCOW, June 6 — RIA Novosti. Song Macarena Spanish group Los Del Rio can help when performing chest compressions — the rhythm of 103 beats per minute corresponds to the desired frequency of clicks on the chest. On the study of Spanish scientists, says Science Alert.

In the experiment, organized by physicians from the University of Barcelona took part 164 students. They were divided into three groups — first performed chest compressions to the beat of a metronome, the volunteers from the second asked hum Macarena, the third group was the control one.

After a two-minute massage of heart it turned out that the best managed students who used the metronome, and 91% members of this group kept the correct temp of 100-120 clicks per minute. In second place volunteers Naivasha Spanish song — 74% of them fell into a rhythm. Worst of all managed students who did not use any metronome, no Macarena is the right frequency was able to meet only 21% of them.

The study authors noted that, although the efficiency of the metronome was higher, it is not always easy to find, so knowledge of the hit 90’s could save someone’s life.

Earlier, American scientists found that women are less likely to receive CPR in a public place than men. Necessary medical care in case of cardiac arrest receive 45% of men and 39% women. So many different indicators associated with physical and psychological barriers.