Terms of tests of the Russian reusable space rockets

Terms of tests of the Russian reusable space rockets

Tests of the first reusable, reusable space rockets are scheduled in Russia for 2022. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the head of the design team of the advanced research Foundation (DRF) Boris Satovsky.

“Completed the preliminary design of the return unit of reusable space rocket system ultralight class. Determined by the image of future reusable space-rocket system. Flight tests of a demonstrator system is scheduled for 2022,” said he.

Satovsky said that the rocket will put into orbit up to 600 pounds of payload, and then land in the launch area on a conventional runway. The system will run on cryogenic fuel “liquid oxygen — liquid methane”, driven unit designed for 50 flights without replacing the main engines. In the basic design of the return unit will be applied swivel rectangular wing of large scale and classical tailplane.

Among the advantages of the system is the ability to launch from mobile launchers.

May 30, scientific Director of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev said that super-heavy rocket to Russia is not necessary, “because there are no loads, and this is a billion just for the design project”.