Orthodox Christians starts Petrovsky post

Orthodox Christians starts Petrovsky post

MOSCOW, June 4. /TASS/. Petrovsky lent starts on Monday for Orthodox Christians. It was built in memory of the apostles, postivist before the beginning of his Christian mission, and will end on 12 July, the feast of the apostles Peter and Paul.

Petrovsky lent begins one week after Trinity and depending on the date of Easter it can last from eight days to six weeks. This year it has nearly the maximum length is 38 days.

“Apostle’s fast is associated directly with the feast of Pentecost, which was celebrated during the week before. It is the Commission of a new eternal Covenant with the people. The Holy spirit descended upon the apostles, the Spirit of truth, Spirit of wisdom and revelation is inscribed the Sinai [the old Testament] — the new law of grace. Therefore, as explained by the Holy fathers, fasting is especially necessary to feat to clear his thoughts and make himself worthy of the gifts of the Holy spirit,” — said TASS writer and preacher Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov.

Petrovsky post is not as strict as the Great — except Monday, Wednesday and Friday fish is allowed.

The apostles Peter and Paul

The Apostle Peter, one of the closest disciples of Jesus Christ, made five trips. The power of his word was so great that he was converted to Christ three and five thousand people.

The Apostle Paul from persecutor of Christians became an ardent preacher of the gospel; founded Christian Churches in Syria, Asia Minor, Macedonia, Greece.

The apostles were martyred in one day in Rome. Peter is from Galilee, was crucified on the cross, and Paul as a Roman citizen, is beheaded.