What should be a successful model?

What should be a successful model?

What does it take to become a good model? To answer this question harder than it seems.

“I don’t think we’re looking at models is one thing,” says Robin bright, which selects models to Agency Models 1, which celebrates this year its 50th anniversary.

“When you find someone who really stands out from the crowd and you see it, it’s amazing,” she says.

NewsHeidi Klum – 45: what model has made the business and Affairs lyubovnyh the search for models I always remain invisible, kept in the shadows for a noisy crowd of girls with bright makeup, which still will likely not understand what they are really.Robin Breitschwanz Agency Models 1

She says, based on his own experience.

Herself 20 years ago led to modeling agent noticed her at the Topshop store on Oxford street. Bright has made quite a successful career as a model, then she started to search for the new faces modeling Agency.

All models whose pictures are posted in this article, the contract was signed with a modeling Agency Models 1.

Of course, in the dream of becoming a model is no shortage, and the Agency has many ways to find new faces.

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“We literally go to the streets. Go to the stores, hold contests, go to music festivals. The candidates are themselves — about 2,000 people come to our office every year,” says Executive Director of the Agency Models 1, John Horner.

What is the statistics of success in such a large number of candidates?

Of these 2000? I think we sign contracts 100 per year. But of these, only 15-20 will remain with us for several years.John Homeremodeling Director of the Agency Models 1

“In addition, each year we receive about 20 thousand applications from candidates via the Internet,” continues the head of the Agency.

To sign a contract with the Agency — quite a challenge, but really hard work starts no earlier than the model falls into the catalog.

“There is one widespread misconception. Many believe that if you were hired today, then tomorrow you will work. But it’s not,” says Horner.

“We need about three years to a young man or woman ready model. This is not a job which can start immediately — need to learn to do it”, — stressed the head of the Agency.

Horner lists several requirements for successful work as a model:

  • “You have to be confident”. According to Horner, this is almost the most important requirement.
  • “You have to learn to take no for an answer, because you’re often going to failure, than a job”.
  • “If you work on the podium, then you need to learn the correct gait”.
  • “You have to learn how to work in front of the camera”.
  • “And you need to take care of their own portfolio, to make it so that we want to sign a contract with you”.

According to Robin bright, there is another important part of the model — care of their appearance. According to her, it’s constant work and it continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.