When the “microzone” becomes treason real

When the “microzone” becomes treason real

Currently, the very notion of infidelity evolyutsioniruet the same as relationship. A psychology Professor from the Australian University of New South Wales Martin Graff coined the term “microzone”. But if this has ever happened before the era of online Dating and whether to consider online flirting cheating?

According to Dr. Graff, among the “microspin” may be the huskies for photos, playful emoticons, subscribe to “Instagram” their former partners or non-profile in the app for online Dating Tinder the man who claims the loyalty of his partner in real life.

“And in the XVIII century people were flirting in the letters and expressed a secret desire connected with adultery, in his diaries,” says the researcher of the history of a romantic relationship Nicky Hodgson. “Just now we have tools that behave in this way has become easier than ever,” she adds.

Sam Martin Graff I’m not sure that “microzone” can be equated with adultery, but, according to the scientist, some “micro” may one day lead to “macro”.

“The more we communicate in virtual reality, the more ambiguous becomes the very definition of relations,” says the Australian.

The scale of the betrayal

Colleagues from BBC Three interviewed Graff, Hodgson and consultant on family relations Leila Collins on the subject of what may be perceived as a form of infidelity.

Give each situation a rating of on a scale.

For example, “dealing with ex” one of the partners, the judges gave 3/5, the construction of a “Platonic relationship” online — 4/5, and keeping active with Tinder and other Dating sites — record 10/5.

At the same time over many “likes” a photo third party experts have put two rating: 2 of 5 — day and 5 from 5 in the evening.

But the fantasy of other people did not cause the slightest conviction of Collins, Hodgson and Graff: all three experts in one voice said that this is normal and unavoidable for any man, is impossible to prohibit, and hence the composition of the “micro” and “macrozone” there.

In Russia, as in Britain, not all lovers consider the huskies in social networks “mikroekonomi”, but disagree based on the fact how much someone jealous.


— laughy saphy (@melloishandsome) 17 Jan 2018

“My girlfriend never posted sexy pictures, and if she starts to do it, I’ll try to find out why she feels the need now, but it’s hardly going to ask you to remove. Of course, I don’t like it, but we all have our boundaries, and they must be reckoned with,” wrote the contrast of a young man named Vladimir in response to the call of the Internet site for girls Wonderzine.

“Microzone not necessarily destroy a relationship, but it can alienate you from each other. If you feel anxiety, just talk about what is happening to you, and not suffer guesses. Even if we are not talking about physical intimacy with another girl, don’t let your partner devalue your emotions and claim that this is the norm,” says “Vkontakte” Olena Tsygankova.

“Monitoring “left” girls”

As suggested by Pauline Ragas, the Creator of Telegram channel Paula Rotterdam, devoted to the problems of gender relations, on the page in a social network you can learn a lot about a person. There he puts their photos, thoughts, music that he likes, and there you can track his circle of communication.