There are details of the biography of ordering the attack on Babchenko

There are details of the biography of ordering the attack on Babchenko

Kiev lawyer Eugene Solodko, representing the interests of Boris Herman, whose security Service of Ukraine calls the organizer of the assassination attempt on journalist Arkady Babchenko, told Facebook about his client.


“So, about the organizer of the “assassination attempt” by Arkady Babchenko — his name is Boris Herman, Executive Director of the Ukrainian-German JV “Schmeisser”, the only non-state enterprises for the production of weapons in our country. It has a long productive relationship with the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, Boris is known for his volunteer work for the needs of ATO,” writes sweet.

According to him, it optics “Schmeiser” on the Ukrainian snipers rifles.

“It streamlines it and creates a powerful sniper systems on the basis of existing military weapons. A lawyer by training, he had chosen a favorite thing — arms,” continued the lawyer.

Sweet argues that, according to the documents, the customers of the murder remain unidentified Babchenko. “They weren’t even looking for,” says the lawyer. According to him, from the correspondence of Hermann in the messenger also does not follow that he organized the murder.

“The list of potential targets in the materials either. Sam “killer”, acting in the framework of the Protocol on the control of crime, offers to “kill” some of Todor Panovsky and Bogdanova, saying that the latter hates “..z 14th the year” (2014 — approx. “Of the”). Provokes? It is very similar. And the last and what is the interest of Boris? It is unclear as to the motive needs to be installed,” concludes sweet.

The lawyer believes that his client recalls a “very unsightly organized provocation.”

Earlier a source “Strenia” reported that the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies there is no clear evidence that Herman organized the assassination of Babchenko on behalf of the Russian intelligence services. According to the source, the original Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have offered Herman to participate in counterintelligence operations, to which he agreed.

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“And now this man, who came to him with the suggestion disappeared, and the security Service of Ukraine said that he worked for the Russian secret services, but any evidence of that in the material case no. The customer it appears as an unidentified person cooperating with the special services of the Russian Federation”, — he added.

SBU claims that the detained organizer of the attempt on Babchenko acted in the interests of Russian special services and was preparing to kill another 30 people.